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  • first name : Uday
  • last name : Biswas
  • Birthday : 13 June 2001
  • Nationality : Bangladeshi
  • Occupation : Musician, Songwriter, Author, Composer, Producer

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About Uday Biswas and Biography

Biography of Uday Biswas

Uday Biswas is a young boy from Dhaka,Bangladesh who professionally known as musician and songwriter. Besides that he is an author, YouTuber and Entrepreneur. His fans and audience are not only limited in Bangladesh besides has strong presence in India, Nepal, Pakistan and other countries.

Uday Biswas (born 13 June 2001) is a multitalented Bangladeshi Musical Artist who born in Dhaka City. He is a young, kind heart, honest, arising artist, musician and author who conceived and raised in Dhaka city. . He has came to discuss in social media and other international music platform after releasing his first musical album named “Breath Out”. After few days he released his another album “Red Right Hand” and single “Last Words” which taken placed in everyones heart.

From his childhood Uday always liked to be with music and song. From his young age he got a lot of popularity and his music was profound to his fans. Uday has been encouraged and inspired by his family throughout life, and he strives to give back to his fans and customers. He loves to make them happy and this is what is most important to him. Uday Biswas heavily involves himself and his business with non-profit organisations and other entrepreneurs and figures to raise money and awareness for a variety of causes. Uday Biswas has established a successful reputation in his career. He also published a number of books on the subject of Digital Marketing, Personal Branding and Entrepreneurship. Apart from entrepreneurship and music, he makes courses as an Instructor, writes blog posts, records podcasts about digital marketing. Some of his published books are “Basic of Starting a Business or Company” and Secret tips of Marketing”. All of his book are available in international platform like Google Book, Amazon Kindle, Apple Book, Goodreads etc

Uday, has reached millions together with his social media status and galvanizing youth who would really like to influence their career within the same. He's always networking and on the go. He has millions of views and followers and other people search for him as an idol. He still withholds a strong position digitally. People of Bangladesh always loves him too much.

Uday has amazing creativity, talent and sense of adventure is something to watch out for. Through his writing or creative media, he wants to inspire people to the blogging world. He’s an amazing Music composer. He has written many music who get many praised in whole word. Some of his songs are - “Libertyrock”, “One day you will” and “I cant Cry”, which has been already spread all over the world and international music platform like Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, Apple Music, Tidal, Soundcloud, Anghami etc. People love his Music and he is more than happy to keep them smiling by his music content. He has also a plan to publish these music at “International music festival” next year. He is a talented individual and has truly proven that hard work pays off.

Success of his career

Uday Biswas is one of the most popular musician in Bangladesh. Not only Bangladesh his fans and audience are spread all over the world. His every sogs are available in international music platforms and so on. Uday Biswas is not only a musician, He is our pride. He upload his music videos on YouTube. Subscribe his YouTube Channel.